FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I have not received an email with my access code. What should I do?
It may take up to 24 hours before you receive your login to as your
subscription is registered in all of our systems to enable your access.

Please contact our customer service if you have not received your login within 24 hours.
Our email may have been blocked by a spam filter or the like, which is out of our hands.

Our customer service will then send your welcome email manually.

I have forgotten the code to my, what should I do?
You order a new access code via the link ”forgotten password” below the login box on our homepage.

I want to cancel my membership. How should I proceed?
Login to your profile on and click on ”Do you want to cancel your subscription?, Click here.”

If you cannot remember your code, you can order a new one via the link ”forgotten password.”
The link is situated below the login box on our homepage.

Can I delete the files stored on my computer once they are stored in my BackupBox?
No, we do not recommend doing so, as the purpose of backupbox is a backup.
As a security measure we recommend that you always keep a copy on your computer too.

Can I buy more space than what I currently have available in my BackupBox?
Yes, please contact our customer service to upgrade your account.

Is it safe to place personal information in my BackupBox?
The usage of BackupBox is primarily for backup of digital photos and the like.
As we do not encrypt the data, we do not recommend that you store personal information in your BackupBox.

Can I make an advance payment for one year?
Yes, but not before the first renewal of your subscription.
Please contact customer service for further information.

I do not use all the space in my BackupBox. Can I downgrade my subscription?
Yes, you can. The smallest BackupBox subscription can store 100 photos.
Please contact customer service for further information.

We hope that you have found the answer to your question. Otherwise, you can contact our customer service, here!